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Expanding Stripe for Zapier to fit unique needs

One of our clients from Germany was facing a significant obstacle when trying to integrate Stripe with Zapier. We managed to provide a custom app that would solve all issues and ensure smooth sailing for the client’s business processes.

Missing powerful features

Our client’s payment processing platform of choice is Stripe, one of the leading services of its kind. It’s known for its major emphasis on client security, transparent pricing system and support of over 130 currencies.

  • Highly demanding API: Stripe is known to have a highly demanding API, making integration and automation challenging for some businesses.
  • Limitations in automation: Despite its strengths, Stripe may have limitations in automation, making it difficult to automate certain tasks that are crucial for your business.

It’s also known to have a highly demanding API, though. Even Zapier as one of the strongest integration platforms can only accommodate its most commonly used features. So what’s the use of investing in such an outstanding payment service when you can’t automate the tasks your business needs most?

Creating a customized solution

When integrating with Zapier, it’s easy to automate certain tasks like creating new invoices, finding specific charges or updating customers. When your business needs to automate specific tasks that don’t fall into the “most used” category is where it can get difficult.

Our client required customized Stripe API calls for discount, tax rates, payment methods and subscription plans. These aren’t included in the official Stripe app for Zapier, but are supported by Stripe’s API.

What we did was develop a custom application that is perfectly compatible with the Stripe API and makes all those critical features available. Now our client can easily use them, automate them, and take full advantage of his Stripe x Zapier investment.

The bottom line

This was one of those cases where there isn’t a ready-made solution for what the business needs. That’s why we decided to become proficient in developing custom apps so that no client’s goal is impossible to achieve.

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