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Case Study

Eliminating the need for manual image searching

Time is too valuable a resource to waste it on clicking around to find and attach images manually. One of our clients felt the same way and needed a specific, totally customized solution to save time and cost and focus on the big picture.

Browsing to no end

The client in question often organizes all kinds of events where visuals are quite important. The issue was that every time, team members had to look through a database of images and attach the right ones to the scheduling software.

  • Tedious image selection: Manually searching through a database for event images is time-consuming and complex, reducing productivity and team motivation.
  • Impact on productivity: Repetitive image selection tasks negatively affect team productivity and motivation, leading to frustration and burnout.

Seeing how negative the effect of this tedious task was in terms of productivity and team motivation, the client reached out to us.

Getting it done

The conclusion was that it would be in the client’s best interest to use an app that would automatically find images based on specific criteria and upload them. So we used Google Apps Script to develop just that.

We delivered an automated image scraper that extracts images from the client’s Google Drive based on specific data and inserts them in the software.

To illustrate - when an event is scheduled, an agent is assigned to it randomly. Our app automatically recognizes the agent, finds his/her image in Google Drive and inserts it in a specific HTML tag in the booking email to the customer. So instead of the team having to manually adjust each email to contain the agent’s image, this is all done automatically, and attendees know immediately who will be responsible for the venue.

The bottom line

Finding and uploading images seems like a small, quick task… Until you realize how many steps there are. We’re happy to have given our client a solution to this that freed up significant resources they can now utilize for far more important tasks.

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