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Making data collection from emails easier than ever

So much valuable data can be pulled from emails, but there’s simply no time to look for it. A client of ours decided not to miss out on useful insights and we provided a solution that delivered the right data to the right place - with minimal manual input.

Digging through data

With hundreds or even thousands of emails across all company inboxes, it can be impossible to find what you need when you need it. Sifting through these emails increases data entry cost, the possibility of human error, and keeps the workload at an all-time high (especially during holidays or sick leaves).

  • Increased data entry cost: Sifting through hundreds or thousands of emails raises data entry costs due to the time and effort required to manually find relevant information.
  • High workload: Managing numerous emails creates a heavy workload, especially during peak times like holidays or when team members are on leave, further straining productivity and efficiency.

Our client felt these consequences all too well and needed a way to eliminate this load without losing out on the data. We decided to use Zapier Email Parser and Zapier Code to make it happen.

Custom app for a win-win situation

We knew from experience that, as powerful as Zapier Email Parser is, on rare occasions it can pull the wrong data. To avoid that, we combined it with Zapier Code. So instead of simply parsing the emails in their classic format, the custom integration parses the HTML format.

Now all useful information is pulled from emails automatically into a sheet. There’s no need to specifically look for it - the client simply sets up parsing rules and gets everything sent and organized automatically. And thanks to the combo with the Code app, the chances of some data being left out or extracted wrong are practically zero.

The bottom line

Fact is that repetitive time-consuming tasks waste resources, increase the risk of errors, and mostly aren’t worth the while. We’re glad to have provided this client with a powerful solution that greatly improves overall efficiency and helps them make the most of all emails that hit their inbox.

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