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Making supreme customer satisfaction a reality

A client of ours recognized that the company’s customer support could - despite using Zendesk to its full extent - be taken up a notch. We provided a solution that made Zendesk even more efficient than it already is on its own.

Recognizing shortcomings

One of the most popular customer relationship management apps, Zendesk, definitely is a highly streamlined support platform. Its ticketing system collects customer support requests from a bunch of different channels, allowing you to manage them efficiently from one place. You can even create and expand knowledge bases that help continuously improve support services.

But what happens when the shortcomings lie not in the app, but in how it’s used? Consulting with our client, we discovered that Zendesk itself was a great product for this business and all its features were being utilized - but not as efficiently as possible. Our solution was to integrate Google Sheets with Zendesk using Google Apps Script.

  • Underutilized features: Despite being a great product, our client discovered that not all features of Zendesk were being utilized efficiently, potentially leading to missed opportunities for improved support services.
  • Efficiency issues: Our client faced efficiency issues in how Zendesk was used, indicating a need for better optimization and workflow management within the platform.

Boosting customer service efficiency

As experienced Google Apps Script professionals, we knew that expanding Google Sheets to work with Zendesk would be a quick, easy and effective way to improve our client’s customer support.

What we did was write a script that enabled the client to track, assign and solve customer tickets more productively thanks to Google Sheets. This custom integration made it possible to track agent schedules and use this data to automatically organize tickets on Zendesk.

If an agent finishes their shift and still has open tickets left, they are automatically reassigned to active agents to ensure same-day problem resolution for customers. Same goes for the number of tickets itself. To avoid agents being overwhelmed and customers waiting for their solution too long, the Google Sheet script for Zendesk enables automatic redistribution of tickets evenly among agents.

The bottom line

A business would be nothing without its customers, so providing supreme support services is essential. Sometimes, like in this client’s case, it’s not just about the apps - it’s about finding a way to use these apps as effectively as possible. We’re proud to have provided a solution that improved the overall support management in the company and helped customer satisfaction skyrocket.

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