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Powering up personalized customer communication with Twilio

If you can’t communicate with customers effectively, you’re in for a real treat - a nasty one. Dissatisfied customers. Because they will not only abandon you, but also share their negative experience with others. And you know how crucial word of mouth is in business.

Recognizing what’s important

We can’t stress enough how significant fast, smooth and accurate communication with customers is. Because if they have a frustrating, slow or otherwise poor experience in this aspect, they won’t wait until you optimize it. They’ll move on to a competitor who does it better.

  • Risk of customer attrition: Poor communication experiences can lead to customer dissatisfaction and prompt them to switch to competitors offering better communication services, risking customer attrition.
  • Challenges in technology implementation: Implementing suitable communication technology can be challenging, especially when clients have diverse industry-specific requirements, necessitating a versatile solution like Twilio.

Many of our clients have recognized this and decided to prioritize customer communication - as they should. The only problem they were all running into was finding and implementing the right technology.

These clients come from various industries, so it’s only natural that they all have different technology requirements. But interestingly enough, they could all be met by one and the same product: Twilio.

Ensuring seamless communication

Out of so many customer engagement platforms out there, why do we recommend and integrate Twilio? Well, there’s something this platform has that outshines most others: it’s not just one-dimensional software.

Twilio works on the principle of APIs, meaning that in the hands of a skilled developer it can fit all business shapes and sizes. That’s because it enhances communication capabilities on various channels, including messaging, chat, voice, email and video.

Thanks to our longstanding expertise in API development, we ensure the implementation of Twilio goes smoothly every time. The goal is for each client to fully leverage this powerful platform and meet all their customers’ unique communication needs.

Empowering businesses with Twilio

So Twilio fits all kinds of industries, but how does it do that? What exactly are the wonders it has done for our clients? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

One of our clients wanted to ensure all users could keep their accounts totally secure, in ways that work best for them. So what we did was use Twilio’s Verify API to enable different forms of user authentication. Now, users could choose to verify their logins through SMS, one-time-passwords, voice, push or email. They weren’t limited to just one option and could choose based on their preference. The company’s emphasis on security combined with the freedom of choice for users instantly improved customer satisfaction.

Another client of ours provides customer support primarily through phone calls. You can already guess what the issue was: long queues and unoptimized routing, which frustrated customers to no end. We used Twilio’s interactive voice response to eliminate this problem.

The integration of Twilio’s IVR technology made it possible to serve customers faster, significantly shorten their wait times, and automatically route their calls to the right agent based on the topic of their inquiry. We programmed it to offer voice responses in three different languages - English, German and French - to fit the needs of a larger audience.

These automated voice responses resulted in a more cost- and time-effective workflow and personalized solutions that boosted customer satisfaction. The technology also provides the client with easily accessible call data that can be used to further improve customer service on a continuous basis.

The third example would be a client who needed to optimize their email communication to improve engagement through this channel. We integrated the Twilio SendGrid API with the client’s email program to strengthen deliverability across the globe. The integration also included improved security and brand reputation thanks to the different technologies keeping the emails safe (SSO, 2FA, API keys, etc.).

On top of all that, data regarding engagement now gets collected and can be managed from one dashboard. The client gets actionable insights and even advice on how to improve email engagement, informing their future sales and marketing strategies.

The bottom line

Ultimately, Twilio proves to be a scalable, flexible solution for any company looking to make customers happier with optimized communication. If this is an area you’re struggling with, you can put an end to the struggle today. Reach out to us and join our growing list of satisfied clients.

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